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E-Pro ETQ™ Turf Fungicide takes a widely utilized tank-mix pairing, chlorothalonil and iprodione, and makes it available as a convenient pre-mix combined with ETQ technology for unparalleled disease control and turf quality. Two modes of action provide broad-spectrum control of turf diseases while ETQ technology increases turf quality from the inside out and protects turf from harmful UVA and UVB rays, heat, and other stress factors.

Active ingredients: Chlorothalonil, Iprodione

Key Ingredients:

  • One of the most widely utilized tank mix pairings now available in a single jug.

Unique pairing of a contact and dicarboximide fungicide combined with ETQ technology delivering unparalleled spectrum of disease control.

  • Contact activity of chlorothalonil interrupts metabolic activity of fungal pathogens while the iprodione provides contact action along with protectant and some eradicant activity.
  • ETQ technology provides sunscreen-like protection from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB light while improving turf color, strength, density and consistency. ETQ improves fungicide effectiveness and promotes enhanced turf quality by making plants more efficient.