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Talstar Select


When it comes to pest control, you need a solution that’s tough on pests – but gentle on turf. Turn to Talstar, the number one trusted brand of insecticides to safeguard your greens, fairways, roughs and golf course ornamental plantings from insects and turf damage.

Talstar® Select insecticide provides long-lasting residual control of a long list of turf pests, including billbugs, chinch bugs, armyworms, cutworms and webworms. Talstar Select can also be used to eliminate fire ant colonies and prevent future colonies from being established. When applied in temperate zone regions where forsythia is in full bloom, Talstar Select even controls over-wintered hyperodes weevil adults for three to four weeks.

Talstar Select contains no odorous or plant-damaging solvents, so even sensitive grasses are unharmed during application. Talstar Select leaves no unsightly residues and causes no phytotoxicity – once it dries, it’s virtually impossible to tell where it has been sprayed. Compatible with other products, Talstar Select also works effectively for flexible-tank mixing