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Azoxy 2SSC Select

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Azoxy 2SC Select is the equivalent liquid formulation to the popular WDG Azoxystrobin products. The convenient suspended concentrate formulation allows for easier tank mixing and application. Total protection is achieved through a combination of foliar and root absorption. Highly systemic and with a higher than average degree of root uptake, Azoxy 2SC Select™ provides continuous protection to the whole plant for up to 28 days.

  • Convenient liquid formulation for easy tank mixing
  • Defends against both soil borne and foliar diseases
  • Complete root-to-leaf distribution
  • Constant delivery for even distribution to new growth
  • Greater degree of root uptake when compared to other strobilurins
  • Prevents spore germination, thereby preventing many fungal infections
  • Does not impact honey bees and other beneficials
  • Low use rate