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BioBoost Nest





A BioBoost Nest is a durable, subsurface structure of patented media, available with or without built-in aeration. Each Nest is crafted of cross-fluted channels full of fine nooks and crannies. The structures provide:

  • Ideal environments for bacterial colonization
  • Massive surface area for high bacterial population count
  • Enclaved shelter for protection from flushing events
  • Refuge and feeding grounds for young fish fry

Nests are perfect if you’re looking for a non-chemicalapproach to maintaining healthy water. While there are times when chemical applications are unavoidable, a long-term approach of reducing nutrients offers more pond stability, lower maintenance costs and a safer aquatic environment.

  • Durable, inert material with no leaching
  • Non-clogging and maintenance-free
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Non-reliant on chemical treatments
  • Safe for children, pets, fish and wildlife