Valent Chemicals

Turf Trade will focus on Valent. We will have these plant protectants available to you:

(25lb)or(1lb WDG)
Grub Control
(180 days)
Broad Spectrum
Season Long
New DMI Fungicide Broad Spectrum
Pythium Control Systemic
Velocity 17.6 SG
POA Control Selective Control
Systemic Ornamental
Broad Spectrum

Agrifos Phosphite Fungicide

A premier quality phosphite fungicide labeled for the control of Pythium and damping off. It has superior quality with very low burn potential and high efficacy. The product mixes well with most other products and has a fungicide label. Review Agrifos with your salesman today and he will show you the true cost savings of Agrifos.

Chemical listing of available products through Turf Trade

All rates are for estimating and quantity ordering purposes only and are not to be confused for a full label. Some products note "See label" and this is because it varies so much it is impossible to give a general rate to fit all applications.

Product Name Size Product Notes Rates
Acclaim (4x1) (2x2.5) gal Crabgrass/Goose grass
Varies based on weed maturity
Alamo (4x1) qt Anthracnose and Dutch Elms Disease See Label
Allectus GC 50 lbs Surface and Subsurface
Feeders Merit and Talstar
1.2-2.9 lb/1000 ft sq
Allectus SC (4x1) gal Surface and Subsurface
Feeders Merit and Talstar
.4-1.6 oz/gal
Armada (8x4x3)oz Compass and Bayleton Combination .6-1.2 oz/1000 ft sq
Arbo-Tech (4x1) gal Dutch Elms Disease and Anthracnose See Label
Atrimmec (4x1) gal Ornamental Growth Regulator

1-3 oz/gal

Spray to Wet

Avid (20x8oz) (4x1)qt (4x1) gal Ornamental Miticide 4-8oz/1000 ft sq
Banner Maxx (2x1) gal Broad Spectrum Fungicide .5-4 oz/1000 ft sq
Banol EC (2x1) gal Pythium Fungicide 1.33-4 oz/1000 ft sq
Banvel (2x2.5) gal Turf Herbicide 1-2 pints/A
Basamid 50 lbs Soil Sterilant 7-11 lb/1000 ft sq
Bayleton T & O

(4x4x5.5)oz or(50x11) oz

Broad Spectrum .5-4 oz/1000 ft sq
Bayleton Granular     25lbs Systemic 1.5-3lb/1000ft sq
Bensumec (2x2.5) gal Turf Pre-Emergent 1 7/8 - 3 1/8 gal/A
Carbaryl 4L (2x2.5) gal
50 lbs
Turf and Ornamental Insecticide See Label
Varies Widely
Chipco Signature (4x5.5) lbs Pythium Fungicide 4-8 oz/1000 ft sq
Chipco 26 GT (2x2.5) gal Broad Spectrum 3-4 oz/1000 ft sq
Chloropyrifos Pro 4 (2x2.5) gal Surface Insecticide
Turf and Ornamental
.75-1.5 oz/1000 ft sq
Cleary 3336 G     30lbs Broad Spectrum Systemic 1.5-3lb/1000ft sq
Cleary 3336 F (4x1) (2x2.5) gal Fungicide 1-2oz/1000 ft sq
Cleary 3336WSP (6x2) lbs Fungicide 1-2 oz/1000 ft sq
Compass 50 WDG 10 lb Dr (4x1) lbs Systemic Fungicide .1-.25 oz/1000 ft sq
Confront (4x1) gal Herbicide Turf 1-2 pts/A
Curalan EG (4x4x11) oz Systemic Fungicide 1-2 oz/1000 ft sq
Cutless 50W (4x4x8) oz Growth Regulator See Label
Cornerstone Plus (2x2.5)or 30 gal Glyphosate Herbicide


 (spray to wet)

Cutrine Plus (2x2.5) gal Aquatic Algae Control See Label
Daconil 5G 25lbs Contact Fungicide 4-6lb/1000 ft sq
Daconil Ultrex (4x5)lbs Contact Fungicide 5-10lb/1000 ft sq

Daconil Weather Stik
 (2x2.5) gal Contact Fungicide
2.25-4.25 oz/1000 ft sq
Damoil (2x2.5) gal Dormant Oil Horticultural See Label
Deltagard (12x1) qt (4x1) gal Insecticide Turf and Ornamental See Label
Dimension Ultra (8x2.5)lbs Turf Pre-Emergent 3 Pouches/A
Dimension 2 EW (2x2.5)gal Turf Pre-Emergent .75 oz/1000 ft sq
Disarm  (4x16)oz Strobiluram Fungicide See Label
Dismiss (8x1) pt, (16x2) oz Sedge Herbicide + 50 Broadleafs See Label
Drive 75 DF (6x1) lb Post-emergent Crabgrass 1 lb/Acre
Duoside Anderson's 40 lbs Surface and Subsurface Insecticide 4 lb/1000 ft sq
Dylox 6.2 G 30lbs Surfaceand Subsurface 3lb/1000 ft sq
Dylox 80 SP (8x7x4)oz Insecticide 5-10lb/1000 ft sq
Eagle 20 EW (4X1)gal Broad Spectrum Fungicide .5-2 oz/1000 ft sq
Embark T&O (4x1)gal Growth Regulator for Turf See Label
Emerald (10x.49) lb Broad Systemic Fungicide .13-1.8 oz/1000 ft sq
Endorse 2.5 WSB (3x11) lbs Fungicide for Turf See Label
Finale (2x2.5) gal Non selective Plant Control 3-5 qts/A
Gallery (4x1) lb Broadleaf Weed Pre-Emergent 1 lb/A
Greenzit Grass (2x2.5) gal Green Turf Dye See Label
Grow Safe Charcoal 40 lbs Chemical Deactivator See Label
Headway (2x1) gal Turf Broad Spectrum Fungicide See Label
Heritage TL     (2x1) or (10) gal Systemic Fungicide 1-2oz/1000 ft sq
Heritage 50 WP

(6x1) or (4x6) lbs

Systemic Fungicide .2-.4 oz/1000 ft sq
Insignia Fungicide (3x2.4)or(3x7.2)lbs Turf Fungicide .5-.9oz/1000 ft sq
Insignia Fungicide (2.2.5) gal Turf Fungicide See Label
Instrata (2x2.5) gal Turf Fungicide 2-4 oz/1000 ft sq
Junction (4x6) lbs Copper Based Fungicide 2-4 oz/1000 ft sq
Lontrel (12x1) qt Turf Herbicide .125-.5 oz/1000 ft sq
M-Pede (2x2.5) gal Insecticidal Soap .63-2.5 oz/1gal
.5-2 gal/100 gal (apply to foliage)
Mach 2 (2x2.5) gal Grub & Lepidopoterous 3-4 qts/A
Mach 2 Granular

33.3 lbs

Species Control 1.55-3 lb/1000 ft sq
MCPP4 Amine (2x2.5) gal Herbicide for Turf See Label
Medallion (4x8x1) oz or 10 lbs Fungicide for Turf .2-.5 oz/1000 ft sq
Merit 75 WSP (4x4x1.6) (88x1.6)oz Grub Control Season Long 6.4oz/1000 ft sq
 Merit .5 G 30 lbs
Grub Control 90Days


Imidacloprid 30 lbs     Grub Control 90 Days 60lb/A
Millenium Ultra2 (2x2.5) gal Turf Herbicide 1 gal/A
Onyx Insecticide (4x1) qt Insecticide for Turf and Ornamental Bifenthrin 6.4-12 oz/A
Orthene T & O (12x1) lb Ornamental and Turf Insecticide 4x16 oz/100 gal
Pennant Magnum (4x1) or 30 gal Ornamental Bed Pre-Emergent 64 oz/A
Pentathalon DF (8x6)lbs Broad Spectrum Fungicide 3-6oz/1000 ft sq
Pentathalon LF (2x2.5) gal Broad Spectrum Fungicide 5-14 oz/1000 ft sq
Pramitol (2x2.5) gal Post-Emergent and Soil Sterilant 22-29.4oz/1000 ft sq
Primo Maxx (2x1) or 10 gal Growth Regulator Turf See Label
Prograss (2x2.5) gal Poa Herbicide .66-1.33 gal/A
Prostar 70 W (10x1) lb Turf Fungicide (Great for Brown Patch Type Diseases) See Label
Proxy (2x2.5) gal Growth Regulator Turf 5 oz/1000 ft sq
Q4 Herbicide (4x1)gal (10x1)qt Broadleaf & Nutsedge Control 2.6-3 oz/1000 ft sq
Reward (4x1) gal Contact Non-Selective Herbicide .75 oz/Gallon
Spray to wet
Rodeo (2x2.5) gal Aquatic Based Glyphosate See Label
Ronstar G 50 lbs Goose Grass Control See Label
Round Up Pro (2x2.5),30,150 gal Non-Selective Herbicide 2.66oz/gal
Round Up Quick Pro (30x1) pack Non-Selective Herbicide

1 pack/3 gal

Rubigan A.S. (4x1) gal Turf Fungicide See Label
Scimitar CS (8x1)pt Turf Insecticide 3.4-7ml/1000 ft sq
Scimitar GC (8x1) pt Turf Insecticide 3.4-7 ml/1000 ft sq
Sedge Hammer (10x1.3) oz or (30x.9) gm Nutsedge Control 1.3 oz/A
Sevin S1 (2x2.5) gal Turf and Ornamental 4-7 oz/1000 ft sq
Snapshot 2.5G 50 lbs Ornamental Bed Pre-Emergent 2.3-4.6 lb/1000 ft sq
Sonar AS (6x1) qt Aquatic Plant Control See Label
Sonar Q (4x8) lbs  Aquatic Plant Control See Label
Speedzone (4x1),(2x2.5),30 gal Broadleaf Herbicide Turf See Label
Subdue (2x1)or 10gal Pythium Fungicide .5-1oz/1000 ft sq
Subdue Granular

25 lbs

Pythium Fungicide See Label
Sunspray Ultrafine (2x2.5) or 30 gal Fine Oil Ornamental Treatment See Label
Surflan AS T&O (2x2.5) gal Ornamental Bed Pre-Emergent See Label
Surge Broadleaf (2x2.5) gal Broadleaf Herbicide 1.2-1.5 oz/1000 ft sq
Talsar Pro All Sizes/Types Pyrethrin Insecticide See Labels
Tarton (2x2.5) gal Fungicide .6-1.2 oz/1000 ft sq
Tempo 20 GC (4x4x55) gm Pyrethrin Insecticide See Label
Terrazole L (8x1)qt Pythium Contact Fungicide 1-2oz/1000 ft sq
Transfilm (2x2.5) gal Antidessicant See Label
Treflan 5 G 40 lbs Ornamental Bed Pre-Emergent 1.8 lb/1000 ft sq
Trimec Bentgrass (2x2.5) gal Broadleaf Control for Bentgrass 3-4 pts/A
Trimec Classic (2x2.5) gal Broadleaf Weed Control 1.1-1.5 oz/1000 ft sq
Trimec Plus (2x2.5) gal Broadleaf plus Goose and Crabgrass Control 1 gal/A
Trimec Super (2x2.5) gal Broadleaf Weed Control for Cool Season See Label
Trimmit 2 SC (4x1) gal Root Absorbed Growth Regulator See Label
Tupersan 50 WP (12x4)lbs Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control allows over seeding 4-12lb/A
Tupersan 4.7G 20lbs Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control
allows over seeding
2-4 lb/A
Turflon Ester (2x2.5) gal Broadleaf Weed Control See Label
ZeroTol 2.5 or 30 gal Fungicide See Label

If after reviewing the list, you do not see the product you are looking for, please ask your Sales Representative and I am sure he will find the product you desire.