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Soil Testing

Soil testing is the basis for what we should develop our program from. We have always said that we should be growing the soil and not the turf. A good soil test is the road map to success in the turf industry. It will give you the needed inputs to adjust the soil chemistry so the plant can have the proper nutrition available to it when it needs it. You will find that a well balanced soil will weather the summer heat and drought conditions better than a poorly balanced soil. Therefore it is imperative to “soil test”.

Turf Trade works exclusively with Logan Labs and we have been successful with their results. Testing is simple. There is no bag cost. Simply ask your Sales Representative for the bags and the information sheet. The soil samples will need to be mailed to the lab at the address on the information sheet. Once the samples have been sent the results will be emailed back to your representative and he or she will review the results and supply recommendations to adjust your soil.

If you have any questions as to how to take soil tests please ask your representative and they will give you a full demonstration.